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May-June 2012

Dear Friends and Prayer partners!

We’ve been travelling a lot for the last two months for work and ministry. God is good and continues His work in Odessa region. This is group of kids we minister to every Saturday. The number always vary but we treasure every child!

We did a big Mother’s day celebration with our Sunday school children. To our surprise there were quite a few ladies came for the very first time. We need your prayers on building up our young church!!!

Village children that we minister weekly had a good time touring around downtown of Odessa. For many of them it was their first time in a big city! Many of them come from very poor homes and are the ones that haven’t happened to be at the orphanage yet…..though there is a set of three siblings that was placed to the orphanage and her mother was deprived parental rights. Please pray for this group of children and their parents to come and have peace and love in God alone!

There was a Kid’s Festival at one of the rehab summer center with about 250 children. FUN!

The special need girls love taking pictures! We had a good time with them dancing and singing as they were performing!

Dear Friends, we need your prayers for the Lost boys place so bad!!! The relationship is so tense in spite anything. I just talked today to the director offering a good Christian dentist that would love to live in that village and help the boys doing the dentistry and the answer was "no”. So so sad! 

We are so thankful and grateful for you partnership in this ministry. We are seeing God move in many ways as He provides the way for us to work with children and special need people. It is such a privilege to be His servant!

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