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March 2012

Dear Friends and Prayer partners!

What a joy is to be the tools in God’s hands. Every day is an opportunity to serve the Lord and every day is an opportunity to the needy in one way or another. Please see what events we have had during the month of March.

The Lost boys orphanage opened the door for us on the second week of March. To be honest we couldn’t wait any longer and we insisted on coming. We arrive late in the afternoon and had wonderful time with the boys. There were 23 boys and young men that participated in the story, songs, activities and craft. It was wonderful to see them open up and enjoining their own masterpieces.

We had a great time with special need girls in the orphanage in early March. Singing, playing, doing craft….what a joy!

The clowns went around hospitals of Odessa giving out the gifts and telling the kids a Good news! There were about 100 gifts given out!

The Kids Games in Egorovka village (45 km from Odessa). There were 72 participants and 37 parents. The children and the team had a wonderful time. As a result parents get more interested in letting the children visit the Sunday school on Saturdays in Elizavetovka (our church).

This is our Sunday school group in Elizavetovka church. There are about 24-28 children coming to study the Word of God and play. In March we began the Greatest Journey program provided Samaritan’s Purse.

The other event we had – a Saturday dedicated to mothers and grandmothers of our Sundays school children. The kids prepared songs and games for them. There were 11 mothers. We pray there will be more women interested as the children really want them to come to the events and church. There is really not a very good situation in parenting and situation in general. For the last 4 months we have been ministering to these kids there were two children that lost their mothers. Please pray for the revival in these four villages so that the parents would want to get hope and come to the Lord.

There was support given to the orphanage and women in the women’s prison. It was a good fellowship time and toys to the little once.

Kids Games competition came to the mental slow development orphanage in Kiliya as well. Kids enjoyed playing and fun they’ve had! Even though the teachers said "the kids are not capable” of doing many of the games we had prepared – they did more than excellent! Once again it is proved that you’ve got to see the potential in these kids and just LOVE them!

Some people donated the men suits and we had a great privilege and fun time to go around some orphanages and nursing homes to dress up boys and men!!!

This is soccer championship in Zhovten orphanage. There are 8 orphanages around Odessa region that participate in Soccer championship. The two teams that win will have their final in Yuzhniy big field where the local government will be invited. The team that wins the final game will get to go to play in Kiev on a big stadium. This championship is really big and important as we host Euro 2012 in Ukraine in June! 

It is a great opportunity to witness to the kids through sport as well. There is country project like this among the public schools but not orphanages. Those kids are left behind. So, we really would like to encourage those orphans because we are sure they have great potential! We do need the support to travel around the orphanages though. Praise the Lord our good missionary friends helped with the soccer jersey’s and shorts.

Our prayer needs:

  • ·         For our team of volunteers as we all  minister to the children;
  • ·         We need a minivan so we wouldn’t spend so much on transportation that we hire. We spend about $8000 a year just on that.
  • ·         Orphans to get into families;
  • ·         Soccer championship among the orphans in 8 orphanages of Odessa region.
  • ·         For church growth and Sunday school in Elizavetovka village.
  • ·         Summer camps this year. We are planning 4 camps: one – for Elizavetovka village children; two- rafting for kids from poor families; three – scout camps for orphan boys; four – Preriya (Indians) camp for orphanage camp.

If you are interested in helping our projects, please send financial contributions to Harvest International with a note for Slavik and AlyonaPuzanov ministry in Odessa Ukraine.

We are so thankful and grateful for you partnership in this ministry. We are seeing God move in many ways as He provides the way for us to work with children and special needs people. It is such a privilege to be His servant! Use this opportunity to bless the children!

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