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Giving presents in the hospitals in Odessa. January 1-3 , 2010.

Hello everyone!

 We decided to make a celebration of New Year special for those who celebrated it not in the house but at the hospital.  You can not imagine what was the impression on the kids faces when the clowns in colorful costumes got in their rooms and gave them gifts.

What else you need to be happy?

Crunchy the Clown surprised me a lot.

Everybody was smiling in the  oncological department

I was celebrating New Year with my friend teddy-bear. I was really glad to have guests coming to me.

Its so nice to receive presents from someone , especially when you are at the hospital and don’t expect it at all.

So here how we spent our time in the hospital. We are glad to share the joy  Christ gave us.

Thanks to everyone who helped us in those trips.  Thanks to those who made the presents to make happy our little friends.  Praise God the doctors let us come in to the hospitals. We will continue to pray about the health of those children about their parents and about the medical staff.



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