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Christmas in city Yujnuy, January 8-10, 2010.

Here is another wonderful moment in our lives. In city Yujnuy Christmas went unusually.

Three days in a row, children of different ages could hear and see the Christmas story. Surprises and a lot of different things were waiting for us. During these days 350 children came to see the performance. Praise God the story of Christ’s birth could hear not only little children but also teenagers and their parents.

The events took part at the territory of "Vefil” church. 

At first the story of Christmas was told and showed at the street.  Our guests were attracted by the main heroes and colorful decorations.

After the street program the children were showed another amazing story inside.

The main heroes were cups, sugar bowl, and old granny’s kettle; this nice tea service shared us with their Christmas’ experience.

Even the Wise Men came to us to tell the story about the guiding star and to worship the King.

To the big surprise for the Wise Men the children knew all the answers to the questions.

There was no snow on that day but our friend-clown played with us with her big colorful snow ball.

Here are our long-awaited gifts.

There was no limit for happiness. It’s a pity that this holiday is only once a year.

Everybody was sharing their emotions with others.

We even had an opportunity to ride donkeys Marsha and Boris. This was the most wonderful Christmas.

Praise God we could share the Christmas story with the rising generation.  Thanks everyone who participated in the organization of the holiday. Without your prayers and efforts we couldn’t serve our Father and children so good. Let God bless you abundantly for such work. Pray continuously about our little friends. Let this holiday will change theirs and theirs parents hearts.

See you soon!


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