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Christmas in Berezanka village
Today is January 13 and we went to the orphanage in Berezanka village to wish the children a Merry Christmas!!
The kids from the church shelter had a musical program.

There were many fun games!


And everyone recieved a Christmas gift!!!!

December 12, 2008. As we have promised the kids in Vinogradnoye, we have come back to see them and wish a very Merry Christmas!!!!

As you already know it is 120 km from Odessa. The village is very poor and any visitor there is a big guest!
It was cold outside and even colder inside where we ran our Christmas show. But the kids and us were warm by love. There were 60 happy children at the program. The Director of the school had a warm welcome for us and provided a good lunch afterwards. It was a privillege to us.

A story time is beginning...

Kids were excited to take a part in the show!

  It was a blessing to see happy faces of the children!!!

Our special gratitude this time we would like to express to Olga's Borsh church in Connecticut, USA for providing the gifts for all of those children;
John Delfino and his friend for providing a bus fair to bring all the decoration and the team.

Dear friends!
if not for you this Christmas show would never have got to that village, those children would never have recieved those gifts and the God's Word wouldn't have been planted in the children's hearts.
Stay with us! Kids need you!!!
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