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Orphanage in Mikhaylovka village
Another happy Saturday on February 21 came. The team of 15 people went ona 2 hours jorney to put the smiles on the children's faces from the orphanage in Mikhaylovka. In order to get there we had to cross the Moldovian border. When we arrived to the orphanage the children were wating for us already. Inspite of the cold weather they all were smiling and welcoming us. Any time when you come to the orphanage you never know what an impact you will make on some of these children. There are 126 of them. They go to school from the 1st up to 9th grade, and then....each of them has their own way... future... destiny. No doubt they need YOU!...who knows, may be you are THE PERSON today they need, the one, who can make a difference in their destiny for better.

They are so creative! They love to make things!

They enjoy the sport games, competitions and just have fun!

The kids had the opportunity to win many fun prizes!

The Bible story that day was about kindness and true friendship!

We had a great time!
We would like to express a great gratitude to the team that made this trip possible and also "Cinderella" shop for providing fruit and sweets for all the children adn lots of craft supplies.
They need YOU! Stay with us!
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