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Openning the Sunday school in Blagoevo village
Dear friends!
We are xcited to share a great news with you - openning our first Sunday school in the village.

Today, October 18, 2008, 9 volunteers from our foundation together with the children from the church in Yuzhniy had a big celebration for the children in Blagoevo village.

First time we came to Blagoevo for Christmas 2008 and then in June with the missionary team from Georgia, USA. We ran the 2 day summer camp and as a result we decided to open the Sunday school. Blagoevo village is located about 30 km from Odessa. It is considered as one of those poor villages.

This is the school building which is over 100 years old. At firts, the building looks pretty nice, but inside there is only two classrooms and one of them was on fire 13 years ago, and still not renovated. So, the elementary and primary school meets in one classroom and they have one teacher for the whole school.

We sang many songs and told the children the Bible story!

The kids ewre so appreciative and sweet.

The children from the church in Yuzhniy played a sckit for the kids and then we showed them a Puppet theatre!

All the kids liked the celebration and we knew they wouls like to have it again!

We asked the teacher what they would need at school and she said that they would really appreciate the TV and DVD player. It is something that not all the children saw in their lives, and more then, it will be very helpful at school.
So, we bought the TV-set and DVD player. It was a great surprize for the children and brought lots of joy!
We appreciate the whole team of volunteers and spent this day ministering to the children.
Also, we would like to express our great appreciation to the missionary team from Georgia and sponsored this trip and gave the opportunity to buy the TV-set and DVD player. Your help is highly honoured!
Stay with us and follow our news!
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