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Charity Festival in Yuzhniy for the girls in Krasnosyolka orphanage
September 20 was a warm and sunny day inspite of all the forecast predictions. This day was even more sunny because of the warmth and kindness of the Yuzhniy citizens. There was a Charity festival devoted to the girls in the mentally disable girls in Krasnosyolka orphanage.
The festival began at 11 in the morning and lasted untill 16.00
During this time the citizens were able to use every opportunity to share their love and part of their hearts for the orphanage girls's sake
We wanted the children enjoy this time as well and had the bubbles to play with...
Every participant of donation recieved a hand made "thank you" card that was made some of the Heritgae Charity Foundation members
We were truly touched by kindness and care of the Yuzhniy citizens. They were bringing warm clothes, shoes, boots...
some children brought their toys...
instead we provided fun activities and games

Children also enjoyed to play with paraschute...
and have an exclusive design of aqua grimm!
The statistics of this Charity festival tells that there were 62 people total that participated. Among them - 37 gave the money and 25 brought clothes, shoes and toys. There was total of 1099 hryvna ($220). These money will be used to buy the dipers for the invalid girls in Krasnosyolka orphanage.
We truly thank all the sitizens of Yuzhniy town for their big and warm hearts in this selfish world!
Also a special thank you to all the members of Heritage Charity Fund that took time to make this festival possible!
We are strong when we are united!
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