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Orphanage in Limanskoye village
February 23 was a fantastic day for the "Heritage" team. We had a tremendous opportunity to visit the kids at orphanage in Limanskoye village (70 km from Odessa) that borders with Prednestrovye (Moldova). As we found out later, there live 115 total wonderful kids from the elementary and secondary schools at the orphanage. The whole territory of the orphanage is devided into several facilities: school, sleeping area and dining.
As ususally, there were many fun activities and surprizes waiting for the kids! There were 85 of them. Throughout all day we were honored by children's happy and delighted faces!!!

Our 4 hours camp took a place in the vestibule of the sleeping area facility

There was a guest with us from England - Graham Oliver, whose orpganization presented the sport supplies and games for the children

The bright bubbles helped to keep a very warm and happy atmosphere!

That kind of fashinable dresses and costumes can the couture from the orphanage in Limanskoye make!!! Keep it in mind... just in case you need smething really nice and cute!

Can I say something?

All ages were great participants in the activities

These kids were great in making the cards with real flowers for their dear ones. It was wonderful and touching to see how creative and skillful they are!

To jump in the bags was really fun!!!... especially to watch!

Our puppet show was a great debut for our team! It was really fun and gave us a new start as well

This is not a simple Hercules's show... these two were our strong brothers Gorbyak!!! It was their debut as well and they did really good! The kids loved it!
We greatly appreciate Graham Oliver and Randy & Caroline Green, Borzikova family, Danilova family and Bida family for the donations and great encouragement in our ministry.
Stay with us and follow our news!
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