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We need help

Roma is 15 years old, though he looks much younger. He lives in berezanka village (65 km from Odessa). His diagnosis is cerebral palsy, but as we hae found out there is something that can help him to be able to sit, to stand and even to jump!!

Now he mostly lays down or tries to sit in the arm chair.

In order to be able to sit, stand or jump Roma needs to have a special pair of shorts that could hold him and help to do the excersises.

Roma loves to smile and admires the visitors.
We will greatly appreciate your help!
Alexandrovka village is the nearest place next to Odessa. Only 15 km and some opportunities fade in the shade of civilization Also, there is a children's psychiatric hospital here which is famous around the whole Odessa region. So, a delightful Jesus Birthday didn't just pass by and many poor families celebrated it again and again.

We are happy to introduce you to a big family with 5 children...

...and 7 kids!!!!

These excited little angels even didn't comprehend that they ever could celebrate Christmas so many times!
Praise the Lord we had the opportunity to give these two big families the washing machines. The women were thrilled about this news!!! You can imaging, having that many children and do all the washing by hands in cold water in winter... and now... what a change!! Many thanks to those who participated in this project as well!!

These family will appreciate help with food and kids clothes.

Stay with us and don't loose the opportunity to add more bright colors into the lives of these precious ones!!
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